1. if-you-leave:

    by robin mellway


  3. "I mean, I have the feeling that something in my mind is poisoning everything else."
    — Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita (via gofuckingnuts)

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  4. aimlessscribbles:

    I am so ready for autumn.

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  5. the woods - when we wander by (Colin Gallagher) | Website

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  7. photographersdirectory:

    A high schooler in Washington. I just take what i see and enjoy the beauty. 



    1. Paul: Caaaaarrrrllllll!
    2. Carl: Qué?
    3. Paul: What?
    4. Carl: No entiendo.
    5. Paul: ... what?
    6. Carl: Me voy ahora.
    7. Paul: Carl, stop that.
    8. Carl: Adiós para siempre.
  11. black-and-white:

    sweet nightmare | by puken

  12. alexxlleon:

    By Jeremy Miranda
    Split level landscapes connected by ladders that depict hidden worlds just under the surface of the ocean.

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  13. tssbnchn:

    Experiment XIX

  14. photographersdirectory:

    My name is Chasen West, nineteen years old, and I am a photographer out of Tampa, Florida. I don’t really specialize in any field of photography, I just try to find the beauty from everywhere that most people usually don’t see or occasionally I’ll be raising awareness for a cause I find important, like Restore the Fourth or the conversation of wildlife. I recently got a 35mm lens that I’ve become obsessed with so there is quite a bit of that recently as well, some in black and white. I update with new photos everyday which causes my page to go from nature landscapes and wildlife, to street photography one day, then exotic animals in a zoo the next. There’s not really a constant theme, just alot of pictures. I do hope will check out more of my work and if you read all of this thank you c: